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“I was a Human Resources Manager who had been unemployed for over 2 years! The future looked hopeless. My coach got me back on track both personally and professionally. His unique process made me believe in myself again. He laid out a solid plan for finding a new position, made my resume and references much more appealing, helped me explain the gaps in my employment history, worked with me to source several new opportunities, prepped me for the interviews, and assisted me with the offer negotiation. His practical approach turned a desperate situation into a new and fulfilling career path.”John W., Manager, Minneapolis, MN
“At the time I came to my coach I was facing my fifth career change in 20 years.  Each time it seemed I would hit a “glass ceiling” and run into problems with a C-Suite executive and/or an executive peer that prohibited me from moving on.  My coach showed me how to not only lead those who report to me more effectively, but also superior techniques for leading my peers in the organization, as well as managing those above me.  Once we accomplished that, I was ready for the next opportunity.”  Jennifer K., Executive, Seattle, WA
“As a career coach, my coach has the ability and desire to highlight and skillfully build on a person’s strengths. At the wonderful age of 50, I was excited to walk-this-walk of “self discovery” and move fully into my gifts and strengths. It has been refreshing to actually experience a person leading me who celebrates my uniqueness along side of me, and points me in the appropriate direction of business relationships that best fit me. A wonderful journey indeed!”Kelly H., Self-Employed, Boston, MA
“When I started working with my coach (as a teenager), I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Even though I had great grades in school and many talents, I was directionless. My coach helped me identify my vocational calling, pick a college major, and I now have a professional position that is perfectly suited to my talents, my passions, and my personality. As a result, I am off to a great start on my career path. Thanks for working with me, Coach!”Tami V., Educational Professional, Miami, FL