Steve Wolff

steve-wolffSteve Wolff is professionally certified and has over 35 years of experience in business transformation, leadership development and mentoring. He has worked for and with start-ups, dot coms, mid-sized companies, international companies and over two dozen Fortune 500 companies in change management, strategic planning, sales planning, business planning, operations and information systems management. He has also taught and facilitated sessions in strategy development, business management, personal communications, leadership and business planning for many years. In addition, Steve has trained, mentored, and coached hundreds of individuals with excellent results in their performance and personal achievement.

Steve’s educational background includes undergraduate and graduate work in engineering, computer science and business management at Stevens Institute of Technology. He has also received training from the Cambridge Group (strategy), AT Kearney (executive planning and communications), The Grove (facilitation) and Social Styles (interpersonal effectiveness) and is a certified instructor for conflict resolution, social styles, management fundamentals, visioning and leadership.

In addition to his professional experience, Steve has served as a Small Group leader and Elder in the churches that he has been associated with. Steve’s life goal is to leverage his extensive experience to provide personal and business coaching and to provide leadership training in order to help individuals and businesses achieve their full potential.

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