Career Planning & Transition Management

Whether you are planning a transition, between jobs, or selecting a career path for the first time, make your next career move with confidence by planning it with a career coach or life coach at Truth@Life.  We help you through career planning to find the most personally fulfilling, as well as professionally rewarding position.

Do any of the following describe you:
•  Your talents are not appreciated & you’re stuck in a dead-end job.
•  You’re stressed & need better work/life balance.
•  Your present boss just doesn’t understand you & you need to figure out how to get the next promotion.
•  You need to re-tool for a different career path, but which one?
•  You’re unemployed or feel you may be unemployed soon.
•  You are thinking about starting your own business.
•  You’re just starting out and need guidance selecting a career and in getting started in your career.
•  You’re approaching retirement and want to begin a second career or use your talents in a meaningful volunteer capacity.

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“I was a Human Resources Manager who had been unemployed for over 2 years!  The future looked hopeless.  My coach got me back on track both personally and professionally.  His unique process made me believe in myself again.  He laid out a solid plan for finding a new position, made my resume and references much more appealing, helped me explain the gaps in my employment history, worked with me to source several new opportunities, prepped me for the interviews, and assisted me with the offer negotiation.  His practical approach turned a desperate situation into a new and fulfilling career path.”John W., Manager, Minneapolis, MN
“My coach teaches from real life experiences with his clients. He understands what one needs to move forward after unexpectedly losing a job. His methods are practical and he is personally encouraging as well. My new job is proof that he produces results!”Rob L., Senior Manager, Chicago, IL
“After 13 years as a CPA, I realized I really didn’t like my job. I just wasn’t passionate about it. Much to my surprise, my coach helped me discover a path that not only utilized my present education and experiences, but one that also gave me passion and a future!”Adam S., Professional, Dallas, TX