Closing the Generational Divide in Business

by Curtis Songer                                                                                                                      May 16, 2016

One Key to the future success of many businesses is the ability to capture the synergy of a generational divide – millennials working alongside boomers.

The current business world is waging a great divide in identity. Those hoping to take the first step on the path to a successful and fulfilling career are joining the conversation in big, vocal ways. Those who are established in the space, who have created the space, are vying for control.bommer&millineal

These young professionals (or, “millennials”) bring enthusiasm, creativity, and fresh perspectives wherever they go. Those existing in the space (or, “boomers”) bring strong profits, established processes, and a wealth of knowledge. When both sides work together, the impossible becomes possible. The question is, how can one tap into this incredible potential? For starters, millennials, like their more seasoned boomer colleagues, want to be understood, accepted, and appreciated for their work.

It’s common to find millennials and boomers working side by side, if not together. Though they represent different philosophies, both groups are essential to the success (or failure) of a given business. Boomers bring hard-won experience about the industry while millennials contribute energy and tech–savviness.

The trick to building a team that can accommodate the working styles of millennials and boomers is to get each side to appreciate the unique skills and abilities of the other.  Each brings their own unique talents, passions, experiences, and driving motivators to the task at hand.  Together, they can be a powerful force.

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