Pricing for Personal Training

Single Session Rate $70

Package Rates:

24 pack ($960 = $40 per session)
2 sessions x 12 weeks ($80/week)
3 sessions x 8 weeks ($120/week)

16 pack ($720 = $45 per session)
2 sessions x 8 weeks ($90/week)
3 sessions x 5.3 weeks ($135/week)

12 pack ($600 = $50 per session)
2 sessions x 6 weeks ($100/week)
3 sessions x 4 weeks ($150/week)

8 pack ($480 = $60 per session)
2 sessions x 4 weeks ($120/week)


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“Abigail knows her stuff! She is encouraging, knowledgeable, and pays close attention to detail. Having been a D1 water polo athlete, I had questionable posture and pain all over; she has managed to correct my posture and I swear I’m an inch taller! I no longer have pain in my shoulders, upper back, neck, or head.”Chase C. – Los Angeles, CA
“Never having enjoyed exercise or being in the gym, I started out in Pilates when I met Abigail. I have been working with her one-on-one for over two years now and love my time spent with her! She is adaptable, fun, and a miracle worker when it comes to back pain and sciatica problems. I highly recommend her!”Reagan L. – San Diego, CA
“I was so excited when Abigail did my evaluation and said she could help me. She did not disappoint! After 8 weeks, training 3 times a week, my dislocated shoulder of 3 years is the strongest and most stable it has ever been. Now I’m back to playing beach volleyball every weekend without pain!”Nick C. – Irvine, CA
“As an avid exerciser I have been with many trainers. I enjoy variety and love to dance! Abigail has an extensive background in dance and is always pushing me to stretch more. She provides numerous options and adjusts to the new goals I set forth for myself. One of my favorite things about her is the imagery she uses to help me understand what I should be feeling in each movement.”Michele S. – San Francisco, CA
“I’m 70 years old and I have never enjoyed being in a gym until I met Abigail. I have been working with her since the summer of 2018 and have learned so much. When COVID-19 hit she was able to ease my concern about being in a high-risk population, staying home, and staying in shape. She moved me to virtual training and I still find it as challenging as ever and continue to stay healthy, strong, and well-conditioned.”Gary L. – Huntington Beach, CA